Submitting PRs

A Quick Guide for enthusiastic Contributors.

So you are an enthusiastic about contributing to Finala, We appreciate it!

Please refer to the Developers Guide , this will help you understand how to setup a local development environment

Now let's go over the steps to submit your Pull Request.


The title must be short and descriptive.


Follow the pull request template as much as possible.

PR Content

  • Make it small.
  • One feature per Pull Request.
  • Write useful descriptions and titles.
  • Avoid re-formatting code that is not on the path of your PR.
  • Make sure the code builds.
  • Make sure all tests pass.
  • Add tests.

Before creating a pull request

We use master branch as the branch for the latest working development version.

For stable version please only see releases.

Follow the next steps to create a pull request:

  1. Review this document in full
  2. Create a fork on your branch from master branch.
  3. Checkout to your branch using our branch name conventions.
  4. Once done, create a Pull Request following our guide lines. Use the master branch as the target.
  5. For a merge: CI tests must succeed and 1 review from a core maintainer.

Standard branch name conventions (git-flow):

hotfix/your_fix_name - if you're pushing a hotfix

bug/your_bug_name - If you’re fixing a bug.

feature/your_feature_name - If you’re adding new functionality

docs/doc_theme - If you're adding documentation

Creating a pull request

Once your pull request is ready, run the following command to make sure all checks are passing:

$ make checks

After submitting your pull request

After submitting your pull request, GitHub Actions will automatically run tests on your changes and make sure that your updated code builds and runs.

Check back shortly after submitting your pull request to make sure that your code passes these checks. If any of the checks come back with a red X, then do your best to address the errors.