Getting Started

This section describes how to perform a new installation of Finala.


Finala scans all the resource in your cloud provider , thus it needs read-only permissions to get the data.

You will need to setup a new IAM User/Role which will use the following policies.

We use the AWS pre-defined Policies:

  • AWSPriceListServiceFullAccess
  • ReadOnlyAccess


Authentication Methods

we support several AWS authentication methods:

  • Profiles
  • Roles (Assume Role)

Docker Compose

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local. Please refer Quick Start

Deploy Finala on Kubernetes

You can use Helm to install Finala on a Kubernetes cluster see Deploying Finala on Kubernetes.

Finala Components

The table below lists the some of the components of Finala.

ElasticsearchCurrent Storage for FinalaDeployment
CollectorCollects the data for all the cloud provider resourcesCronJob
NotifierNotifies a user or a group for unutilized resourcesCronJob
APIWorks with the Storage to save/get DataDeployment
UserInterfaceQueries the API and shows the Finala DashboardDeployment