Finala is built from 4 components:

  • API - RESTful API server that receives events from the collector and serves the UI. See example API configuration file

  • UI - The User Interface, displays the data in a way that it'll look nice :).

  • Notifier - Notifies notification groups with the support of multiple notifiers defined in notifier.yaml All resources that marked as "under utilized" are reported to the notification groups. Currently we only support Slack notifier type notifier.yaml If you wish to contribute and add a new Notifier please read How To add a new Notifier?

  • Collector - Collects and analyzes resources against their thresholds defined in collector.yaml. All resources that are marked as "under utilized" are reported back to the API component. You can define multiple accounts and regions in the collector.yaml

- name: <ACCOUNT_NAME>
# Environment variables will be used in case if these variables are absent
access_key: <ACCESS_KEY>
secret_key: <SECRET_KEY>
session_token: "" # Optional variable, on default this variable not set
profile: <AWS PROFILE>
role: <AWS ROLE>
Built-in Metrics

We've already provided list of built-in cost-optimization metrics, you may modify the collector.yaml yaml to suit your needs.

- description: Database connection count
- name: DatabaseConnections
statistic: Sum
period: 24h
start_time: 168h # 24(h) * 7(d) = 168h
operator: "=="
value: 0

This example will mark RDS as under utilized if that RDS had zero connections in the last week.